Worried Waiting

Well it’s been aone of those days. I have been super optimistic all week because I’ve had weird pains and twinges in weird areas. I am on an online support group with girls that are going through the same things and they all say the signs I have are good and a few of them that are pregnant have experienced the same thing.

Last night after intercourse I went to the bathroom and saw a teeny bit of blood. More like a spot. I tried not to think anything of it bu tthen this morning when I woke up I had it again. then when I went to work it was gone. SO now I’m worried that AF is right around the corner. There is a small chance it’s implantation bleding but I now ony a small amount of women actually experience this. So we’ll see. The dr told me to test Sunday but I think I’ll test Friday. If I get a negative I’ll test again Sunday and see what happens…

I’m trying to stay positive but it’s definitely harder than I ever imagined it would be.



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