Shot in the A%*!

Well I had my clomid u/s yesterday… WHY didn’t anyone tell me that it was A) a vaginal ultrasound and B) That the probe they use is freakin’ HUGE! OMG!

She found one follicle measuring about 17mm so I was instructed to do my hcg shot in my butt today. So I am going to my mom’s office and a nurse next door at Med Check said she would do it for me. I am too nervous to put that presssure on anyone else. Then Nate and I were instructed to have intercourse, etc. I will also try to make sure we do it lots 😉

I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Now let’s just hope the next two weeks fly by and I can test and get a good answer. i was told I could test on the 24th but I think I’ll wait till the morning of the 25th. So that way I can surprise nate the way I’ve always wanted to. (If I am of course) I could test early on the 22nd and maybe get a good birthday surprise but I think I’ll just wait it out…All we can do at this point is pray…

Ready for Baby Makin’

a picture of my ultrasound room

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