Result are In!

Well yesterday was my hsg dye test. And…everything looked great. He said my uterus was the perfect shape and my tubes are wide open. It was pretty painful but totally worth it to get the results. I also got Nate’s analysis results and they were much better. Some levels are still a little low but the dr said we don’t have to do insemination! He said if this doesn’t work then we’ll do insemination eventually but right now he doesn’t think that is necessary. So yay!!! I am very happy and super optimstic. The clomid is only giving me mild headaches and majoory hot flesh but nothing I can’t handle. Now we’ll have to see how the ultrasound goes next week =)

Sore but Good


Second Round of Semen Analysis Results
24.9 (Normal Rage 28.7-338.9)
29 (Normal Range 39.4-95.8)
9.2 (Normal Range 12.3 – 262.1)


One thought on “Result are In!

  1. thanks for commenting on my blog. i am sorry it appears you are having trouble getting pregnant 😦 me and my husband have been trying for 2 years with no luck. ive been through a lot of the same tests you have. they're no fun 😦 do you have any other kids? i have 2 other kids and that is what is so wierd. they say everythign with both me and my husband is normal, yet we are still not having any luck. good luck to you and sorry to ramble on so much!! haha!!


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