So yesterday the nurse got me all scheduled for my dye test and my clomid ultrasound. And game me the ok to start my clomid today. She also gave me Nate’s analysis results. They were pretty low and she said that the dr would probably recommend insemination. Of course immediately my heart sank. I started crying uncontrolably but the nurse reassured me that everything would be ok.

I called Nate to tell him and was surprisingly calm. He told me that maybe it was a fluke test and he would just go do it again. This really surprised me but I didn’t say anything. I figured he was just in denial that there might be something wrong on his end. But later on he called me and told me that the test was probably wrong because there was a problem with the test that he didn’t tell me about. He was nervous and thought it wouldn’t make a difference so he didn’t tell anyone. So we have to reschedule the test and hope that the “fluke” in the test is what caused such low numbers and the next test will be better.


*PS: My hsg test is scheduled for this Thursday at 11:15 and my clomid u/s is scheduled for next Thursday at 2:30 * praying everything goes ok…


His Semen Analysis Results

16.9 (Normal Rage 28.7-338.9)
29 (Normal Range 39.4-95.8)
4.9 (Normal Range 12.3 – 262.1)


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