Waiting on a Call

It has been a rough day to say the least. I called to see if my blood tests were in yet. Jamie (the nurse) said they had recieved them but Dr. H didn’t get a chance to look at them yet. She did say that the pregnancy test was negative (which I knew) she also mentioned that my testosterone level was up. So of course I worry all day.

Well because of what I believe to be a communication error I have yet to hear from the nurse. I’m sure when I get to work tomorrow she called and left a message on my work phone because the receptionist probably didn’t relay the message for her to call my cell. At dinner I was so shaky because of my anxiety I spilled root beer everywhere and totally broke down at the table. My poor mom and grandma didn’t know what to do.

So here I sit…worried that something si really wrong and wondering what that one level being up could do to me. and the progress I thought we had made. I’m sure everything is ok but I can’t help but worry.

Anxious & Worried


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