First Appointment

Yesterday was my first appointment with Dr Henry. Him and his entire staff were amazing. He was very positive and direct. Him and the nurse asked me a few questions and then proceeded to tell me what they are going to do to help. He never directly said why he thought my periods were so irregular. He just mentions he thinks I am just not ovulating. So he prescribed me 10mg of Provera that I will start as soon as my blood work comes back (he wanted to make sure I’m not already pregnant before I start the Provera) after 10 days of Provera I should start to bleed. On my first day of bleeding I have to call the office and they will tell me when to start taking my 50 mg of clomid. They will also schedule my x-ray dye test (hsg) to make sure that my tube are open. They will also schedule an ultrasound. The ultrasound will be to make sure the clomid is doing it’s job. At that time they will instruct me when to take the novarel 10,000 (hcg) shot. They will either do it at the office or depending on the size of the “egg” they will lahve me do it later at home. After the shot me and Nate have about 48 hours to fertilize the egg.

*Side note* They also instructed Nate to go in for a semen analysis to maek sure he is fertile*

According to the paperwork 14 days later we will take an HTP to see if it worked. I am very happy and pleasently surprised that the doctor is being so proactive about helping us get pregnant. I am now anxiously waiting to get my blood tests back so I can start the provera. Hopefully Nate will make it in some time next week for him semen analysis. I know he is really nervous about it but I’m sure everything will be fine. This journey is going to be a little different than we planned but the end result will all be worth it.



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